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About B.Ed.

Subjects – Combinations in B.Ed. Course1

Admission to the B.Ed. Course is subject based. The Teaching Subjects are to be selected by the candidate on the basis of the subjects studied by him/her at Bachelor's /Master's level.

Broad Categories of Subject Combinations

(a) B.Sc. (Medical): A candidate with B.Sc. (Medical) stream can choose any one subject-combination out of six which is given below:

  • Science-Language
  • Science-Life Science
  • Life Science-Language
  • Life Science-Physical Science
  • Science-Physical Science
  • Physical Science- Language

(b) B.Sc. (Non-Medical): A candidate with B.Sc. (Non- Medical) stream can choose any one subject-combination out of nine which is given below:

  • Science-Language
  • Science-Maths
  • Physical Science- Language
  • Physical Science-Maths
  • Physical Science- Science
  • Science- Computer Edu/Computer
  • Physical Sci. – Computer Edu/Computer
  • Math-Language
  • Computer Edu/Computer-Language

(c)(B.Sc. (Home Science): Can choose any one subject-combination out of two which is given below:

  • Home Science- Language
  • Home Science- Science

(d) Commerce Graduate (B.Com/B.B.A./ B.Com. LL.B.): Can choose any one:

  • Commerce-Economics
  • Commerce-Language

(e) B.C.A./B.Sc.-I.T. Graduate : Can choose any one subject-combination out of two which is given below:

  • Computer Edu/Computer- Language
  • Computer Edu/Computer-Math

(f) Arts Graduates (B.A.) / B.A. LL.B.: Arts graduate can choose any one subject-combination out of followings, based on the subjects which they have studied at graduate level:

  • S.St.-Language
  • Economics-Language
  • Economics-Math
  • Math- Language
  • History- Language
  • Geography- Language
  • Political Science- Language
  • Music-Language
  • Fine Arts-Language
  • S.St.-Physical Education
  • Physical Education- Language
  • Physical Education- History
  • Physical Edu.- Political Science
  • Physical Edu.- Geography
  • Sociology-Language
  • Computer Edu/Computer- Language
  • Home Science- Language
  • Public Admin-Language
  • Agriculture-Language

* Teaching of Social Studies shall be opted by the graduates who have taken up any two of the following subjects at B.A./M.A. level:-

(i) History, (ii) Geography, (iii) Political Science, (iv) Sociology, (v) Economics, (vi) Public Administration,(vii) Philosophy, (viii) Psychology, (ix) Education, (x) Defense Studies, (xi) Religious Studies, (xii) Social Work, (xiii) Community Education.

(g) B.A. Honors (Language)

  • English- Minor (Eligible & Available in college)
  • Hindi- Minor (Eligible & Available in college)
  • Punjabi- Minor (Eligible & Available in college)
  • Sanskrit- Minor (Eligible & Available in college)
  • Language (major) – Language (minor) (Eligible & Available in college)
  • Candidates who have passed Shastri /Gyani / Prabhakar/Honors in languages can opt for two language combinations provided they have studied the other language for one year/one semester (not applicable in GNDU, Amritsar).

Note: In case of candidates who have done Honors in languages such as Hindi, Punjabi and English, the major subject will be language. Such candidates would be allotted minor subject by the college on the basis of other subject option/s permissible to the candidate by the respective University and the availability of the same in the respective college

(h) B.E., B.Tech. : Can choose any one out of following six subject-combinations

  • Math-Language
  • Science-Language
  • Computer Edu./Computer –Language
  • Science- Computer Edu./Computer
  • Computer Edu/Computer –Maths
  • Science-Maths

(i) B.Sc. (Agriculture) / B.A. (Agriculture):

  • Agriculture - Language

(j) B.Sc. (Fashion Technology):

  • Fine Arts - Language

(k) Candidate with Qualifying degree with following subjects can also apply for B.Ed. course

(Chemistry, Geophysics, Honors in Physical Science, Industrial Chemistry, Medical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Physics, Agriculture, Bio Physics, Biology, Botany, Ecology, Entomology, Environmental science, Genetics, Honors in Life science, Human biology, Human genomics, Medical physics, Microbial biotechnology, Microbiology, Nuclear medicine, System bio and bioinformatics, Zoology, Agriculture, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Ecology, Entomology, Environmental science, Genetics, Geology, Microbiology, Nanotechnology, Nuclear physics, Physics, Zoology).